Why become a Chaplain?

Why become a School ChaplainMany Chaplains agree that being a School Chaplain is one of the most rewarding jobs available.

NSW has a growing numbers of state schools who recognise the value of the myChaplain program and are seeking to secure a trained support worker in their school to care for their students and wider school community.

Our Chaplains talk about their role…

‘School Chaplaincy is an amazing opportunity and responsibility, to help today’s generation, and offer a message of hope, in the classroom, playground and staff room’

‘I have always wanted to be a School Chaplain. It provides an opportunity to serve an entire school community in my local town where I can truly make a positive difference’

‘Chaplaincy is incredibly rewarding in every area; community, school culture, the young people’s lives and personally’

‘I see school chaplaincy as a strategic role given by God where His people can minister into students’ lives to sow the seeds of His love and make a real difference, not only in their immediate lives but in the future’

‘Chaplaincy offers a great opportunity to reach into the hearts and minds of students and their parents’