What Do Communities Have To Say About Chaplaincy?

Across NSW communities support the work of School Chaplains through the myChaplain program.


“Our Chaplain is able to contribute and support students in ways that we are simply not able to, given the constraint of time and resources particularly with students’ social and emotional wellbeing.”

Principal, Woolooware Public School, Sutherland Shire NSW

“Our Chaplain fills the gap in our school that no one else does. Her role is unique and makes our school a better place for students, parents and teachers.”

Principal, Bateau Bay Public School, Central Coast NSW

“The Chaplaincy program has been a valuable addition to life at Wyndham College. The program has given students and staff a place to go for help and assistance with a range of pastoral care needs.”

Deputy Principal, Wyndham College, Western Sydney NSW


“I love watching the Chaplain working with the students: Kids shine!”

“The Chaplain helps you feel good about yourself as a teacher”

“I am not a Christian; however, I very much value the guidance of the Chaplain at this school as a staff member”

“The Chaplain provides a calm thoughtful approach in times of stress. She is always approachable. She needs to be here more often!”


“When my child was experiencing friendship issues at school our Chaplain ran a lunch time group to help talk through the issues and restore relationships.”

“In a situation at school when my kids may need some advice and I can’t be there, enter their School Chaplain – a neutral person with good morals who has earned the kids’ trust. It can be the difference between a child making the right and wrong decision.”

“Our family recently went through a traumatic experience. It was good to know our Chaplain was there for our daughter as she came to terms with what was happening around her.”

“I was able to chat to our Chaplain about our family circumstances and how she could help & support us at school.”


“They make us feel happier and safer at school.”

“If we didn’t have him, everyone would be lost because we need someone to talk to.”

“It’s great to have a Chaplain at school. It’s like talking to a friend, but very helpful.”

“A neutral person where a student can pour their heart out and not feel intimidated or judged upon. Where you can be your real self.”