National Funding Continues for School Chaplaincy in NSW

Budget Announcement 8th May 2018    

Generate Ministries commends the Federal Government’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of the students in our Public Schools across the country by maintaining the National School Chaplaincy Programme funding.

First implemented over a decade ago by the Howard government, the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) is a Commonwealth-funded initiative to support the emotional wellbeing of students and the school community through the provision of pastoral care.

School Chaplains are pastoral care specialists, trained to provide one-on-one care, mentoring and support for students, parents and staff. Connecting with the local community, Chaplains run specific programs tailored to the needs of the school.

Generate commends the Government’s renewed focus on bullying and looks forward to continuing in partnership through the Programme to address this serious issue in our schools, ensuring all students are enabled to enjoy a safe and happy educational environment.  

Since 2007 NSW has experienced a four-fold increase in the number of School Chaplains supporting local public schools, with thousands of students, parents and teachers impacted across the state.

“Every week Chaplains in NSW have nearly 2,000 formal conversations with students, staff and parents. Every term Chaplains deliver 4,000 program sessions covering issues including bullying, relationships, grief and loss, family breakdown, resilience and school disengagement” says James Flavin, General Manager of Generate Ministries.

Generate Ministries is the largest provider of School Chaplains in NSW and has been serving schools in chaplaincy since the beginning of the national program.

“The funding will enable schools to continue this valuable program and we look forward to seeing even more NSW students and their school communities benefiting from the support of a School Chaplain.”

“The opportunity to serve public school communities of NSW is a real privilege and a responsibility we never take lightly” says James.