Community Funded Chaplaincy

Schools that have been unable to secure funding through the National School Chaplaincy Programme 2016-2018 are still able have a school chaplaincy program through a community funded program.

What is Required to Commence the Program?

Generate’s School Chaplaincy Program, myChaplain, hosts a Community Funding Initiative which invites the school, local community including churches and supporters to provide a total of $20,000.

With $10,000 secured, the school will have a guarantee that their chaplaincy program will continue initially for a 6 month period.

The school will be able to keep their Chaplain as long as the school and community are able to provide funds every 6 months in advance. This figure of $10,000 is required for a 6 month period.

These funds cover a Chaplain’s salary providing 10 hours of service per week.  

Schools and communities may choose to raise additional funds to increase their Chaplain’s hours.

A school must complete a community funding pledge form with the school’s details and the contribution required to commence the myChaplain program. Generate Ministries will then raise an invoice to be paid by the school.

Once the funds are received it will take a month to process a service agreement and initiate the application process to place a Chaplain in the school.

How myChaplain can help raise funds from the local community

The myChaplain team can work alongside the school in raising awareness and funds through local businesses, churches and the wider community.

Generate Ministries has DGR status and all donations are tax deductible.

The myChaplain website provides donation pathways, printable brochures and other information. Generate can also assist in publicity and fundraising advice. Each school community can be assisted by a local Chaplaincy Support Team. The Chaplaincy Support Team is made up of passionate members of the local community from local churches that support local Chaplains and their work.

Fundraising Support Available  

  • Localised myChaplain brochure
  • Localised giving slips
  • Online donation portal through website
  • myChaplain program information & collateral
  • myChaplain video promotion
  • Local business support letter
  • Newsletter inserts
  • Media support
  • Fundraising advice